Forest disturbance detection and hydrologic response

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Monitoring tree loss in the forest

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Forests in the western United Statesare suffering increasing tree losses due to several causes, including droughts from climate change, wildfires, and beetle infestations. This loss of trees is a serious problem not only for maintaining carbon storage, but also for the availability of waterresources, as forests play an important role in replenishing local watersheds. A regional-scale analysis of forest disturbances and their impact on water resources changes is necessary to better understand and manage these issues. With recent advances inAI, machine learning, and cloud computing, it’s now possible to combine satellite imagery at medium and high resolutions and analyze this data to see how the forest cover across the region changes from disturbance events. Additionally, that analysis can be correlated to water supply records to understand those impacts as well. Through the insights gained from this study, local communities, regional organizations, and the federal government can better manage and protect these vital resources. The above content is cited from
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