Mapping biodiversity by classifying bird calls with AI

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Measure bird biodiversity by sound

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As a global phenomenon, climate change affects biodiversity at scales that are difficult to monitor. The Soundscapes to Landscapes (S2L) project in Sonoma County, California, is developing a new methodology to measure these changesin bird communities. Citizen scientists distribute audio sensors around the county and help identify bird calls in the recordings through an online system. From thesedata and satellite imagery, the S2L team uses species distribution modeling to createbiodiversity maps thatprovide a better understanding of the impact of climate change on bird diversity and help conservation planning efforts. This method generates massive amounts of sound data that requires an automated approach to analysis. Through a Microsoft AI for Earth grant, S2L team members Professor Shawn Newsam and PhD student Shrishail Baligarat the University of California, Merced, aredevelopingand trainingAI deep learning models to identify and annotate the bird calls. Not only will the data be analyzed quickly, but also the process can be scaledup to large landscapes on a global level. Additionally, providing these models through an Azure API will enableother scientists to benefit from this work. The above content is cited from
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