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Bringing Cutting-Edge Technology to Wildlife Conservation Identify, share, analyze and discover near-real time information on wildlife, all in one place. With access to better data, everyone can make better decisions to help wildlife thrive.


United States                
Published in 2019
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According to webpage at https://www.wildlifeinsights.org/: "A Quicker Way to Upload and Share Anyone collecting camera trap photos can upload and share them with the global conservation community. Photos are stored online so you can access them from anywhere, from any device or computer, even out in the field. IDENTIFY Let a Computer do the Tagging Animals in your photos are automatically identified using machine learning technology. Thousands of images can be tagged within minutes, saving you time to do the important work. ANALYZE Create Maps and Graphs to Share Access our suite of tools to analyze wildlife trends and make customized reports. Wildlife Insights can help your team make better decisions and share compelling findings with the public. DISCOVER Explore Wildlife, Worldwide Dive into millions of camera trap images from around the world. Search for species, find patterns, and discover wildlife. Why Wildlife is important to all of us. Aside from its intrinsic value, wildlife provides critical benefits to support nature and people. Unfortunately, wildlife is slowly but surely disappearing from our planet and we lack reliable and up-to-date information to understand and prevent this loss. Camera traps are being used all around the world to better understand how wildlife populations are changing. Camera traps have already taken millions of photos and are collecting more information every day. Yet most of these photos and data are not effectively shared or analyzed, leaving valuable insights just out of our grasp. We need an innovative solution to overcome these roadblocks and catalyze data-driven wildlife conservation. By harnessing the power of technology and science, we can unite millions of photos from camera trap projects around the world and reveal how wildlife is faring, in near real-time. With better information, we can make better decisions to help wildlife thrive. Watch the story of a camera trapper at Colombia’s Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute who is using Wildlife Insights to document and preserve the biological diversity in Caño Cristales, the country’s remote upper Amazon region What Wildlife Insights is combining field and sensor expertise, cutting edge technology and advanced analytics to enable people everywhere to share wildlife data and better manage wildlife populations. Anyone can upload their images to the Wildlife Insights platform so that species can be automatically identified using artificial intelligence. This will save thousands of hours, freeing up more time to analyze and apply insights to conservation. By aggregating images from around the world, Wildlife Insights is providing access to the timely data we need to effectively monitor wildlife. We are creating a community where anyone can explore data from projects around the world and leverage data at scale to influence policy. Wildlife Insights provides the tools and technology to connect wildlife “big data” to decision makers. This full circle solution can help advance data-driven conservation action to reach our ultimate goal: recovering global wildlife populations. Learn more about Wildlife Insights AI. Who LAND MANAGERS Inform decisions about the areas and wildlife you're managing GOVERNMENT Get a clear assessment of wildlife health with customizable reports COMPANIES Monitor impacts on key ecosystems and wildlife populations SCIENTISTS Build predictive models and forecast outcomes under climate change and other threats INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES Ensure the wildlife you depend on is thriving CITIZEN SCIENTISTS Conduct wildlife science in your own back yard NONPROFITS Inform effective program design and monitor wildlife populations GENERAL PUBLIC Get a glimpse into the world of wildlife and browse photos of our world's natural systems How Collectively, the Wildlife Insights partnership has decades of wildlife monitoring experience and millions of camera-trap images from around the world. We welcome organizations and individuals from all fields to join us!"
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This project research how to analyse data on wild animals.
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