About AI4SDGs Think Tank
AI4SDGs Think Tank is an online open service for everyone, a global repository and an analytic engine of AI projects and proposals that impacts UN Sustainable Development Goals, both positively and negatively. The goal is to promote the positive use of AI for Sustainable Development, and to investigate on the negative impact of AI on Sustainable Development. Detailed evaluation on each project is provided based on our rating scheme. You are welcome to share your project to the world and get evaluated by submitting your project or proposal information here.

Associated to the AI4SDGs Think Tank, the AI4SDGs Research Program is released and open to everyone for applications. All the research outputs will be fully shared publicly on the AI4SDGs Think Tank repository and encouraged to be used for anyone, anywhere in the World.

AI4SDGs Think Tank is led by Center for Long-term Artificial Intelligence (CLAI) with supports from various academic institutions, and industries as partners all over the world. AI4SDGs Think Tank is also a concrete action that we and partners take to support the UN Secretary-General’s Road Map for Digital Cooperation.

Messages from Experts
Fabrizio Hochschild (USG, United Nations)
Lan Xue (Professor, Tsinghua University)
Kaifu Lee (CEO, Sinovation Ventures)

Contact:  cooperation-network@ai-for-sdgs.academy