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iFLYTEK continues to use AI technology to help poverty areas solve educational and medical difficulties.

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The main functions of "Language Poverty Reduction APP" include literacy courses, daily life, self-learning, and other modules. Literacy courses involve learning, practicing, and testing, allowing learners to learn Chinese characters through phased learning. Everyday life provides about 40 daily life scenes of sentence and dialogue practice; the system uses speech synthesis, speech recognition, oral evaluation, and other artificial intelligence technology to help language learning, so that learners in the specific scene, improve learning efficiency. iFLYTEK uses artificial intelligence to serve primary care, provides artificial intelligence-assisted medical services for primary doctors, has served nearly 100 districts and counties, more than 1200 township-level medical institutions, more than 12,000 village-level medical institutions, and provided a total of 33 million assisted medical services.

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iFLYTEK has made several apps for poverty alleviation, with remarkable results.

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