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The project provides APIs to help companies and organizations to measure the gender gap by big data analysis.


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This project mainly focuses on gender inequalities mainly in three professional domains, including airline pilots, angel investing and science. According to the website, "we’ve looked at “The Airman Database” – an open database maintained by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that collects information about airline pilots worldwide – and we’ve processed one million records, using RapidMiner, a special data mining tool. Combined with an extension from NamSor, this tool can extract and identify the gender of any international name with high accuracy." "The issue of gender inequality in the tech industry has been making headlines over the past year. The most prominent technology companies – most notably Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter – have released reports that disclose just how diverse their workforce is, detailing the percentage of men vs. women, as well as the ethnicity of their employees. The results? From a gender perspective, the employees of these companies are overwhelmingly male (about 70-80% on average).We decided to turn our attention to this very issue, analyzing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and startups. We used as reference the AngelList database, a platform that lists over 650,000 profiles of entrepreneurs, startup professionals, venture capitalists and business angels – globally. Using the NamSor API we determined the likely gender of every person that belongs to AngelList." "Scientific journals and databases constitute a framework for scientists to publish their work, To estimate the overall gender gap in science, we inferred the likely gender of about 1,000,000 scientists referenced in and thousands of the world’s most renowned researchers mentioned in"

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The project is beneficial for women career development in airline pilots, angel investigating and science domains.

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