Curbing the decline of wild and managed bees

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Classify land use to help farmers shift to more sustainable farming methods

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Honeybees are one of the most widely used pollinators, playing a vital role in maintaining theworld’s food supply.However,bee populations have declined dangerously,andmodern intensive agricultureis one of the main causes—including pesticide use and monoculture crop production.Agustin Garcia Pereirasaw these problems firsthand, growing up in a farming community in Argentina.Now, as a software engineer and researcher with the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at the National University of Ireland Galway, he isusingremote sensing data, Microsoft Geo AI Data Science Virtual Machines, and GIS mapping to develop machine learning models that can identify agricultural practices at field level across wide areas.This information will help farmers, beekeepers, and governments shift to more ecologicalandsustainable agriculture that also helps sustain the bees. The above content is cited from

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