Algorithmic Justice League

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The organization is founded by a famous female scientist, Joy Buolamwini, to develop existed algorithms to overcome the large racial and gender bias, especially facial recognition technologies.

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According to the website, "In today’s world, AI systems are used to decide who gets hired, the quality of medical treatment we receive, and whether we become a suspect in a police investigation. While these tools show great promise, they can also harm vulnerable and marginalized people, and threaten civil rights. Unchecked, unregulated and, at times, unwanted, AI systems can amplify racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination. The Algorithmic Justice League’s mission is to raise awareness about the impacts of AI, equip advocates with empirical research, build the voice and choice of the most impacted communities, and galvanize researchers, policy makers, and industry practitioners to mitigate AI harms and biases. We’re building a movement to shift the AI ecosystem towards equitable and accountable AI."

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Such kind of organizations may be very helpful to develop equal and accountable AI technologies to mitigate gender bias.

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