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iFarm develops autonomous farming systems to grow greens, berries, and edible flowers indoors by using smart technologies. They offer fully automated, sustainable, eco-friendly and economically viable turnkey solutions suitable for production sites of any size.

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Rather than standalone technology, iFarm sells entire urban farming systems with built-in robotics. These systems enable customers to start farms with little to no knowledge of agriculture. “They are equipped with drones and artificial intelligence that spot diseases and track plant growth. They can also be controlled by an app, iFarm Growtune, that automatically plants seeds and adjusts lighting and humidity. iFarm’s technology, for instance, uses 90 percent less water and 75 percent less fertilizer compared to conventional farms, and no pesticides.

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Currently, there are significant challenges faced by the farming industry, not least of which are a reduction in the available labour workforce, and a more 'corporate' style of farming. iFarm boosts efficiency and saves farm owners money-but could also threaten job security for farm workers.

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