Nuru: Pest and disease monitoring using AI

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Nuru is an Artificially Intelligent that has been developed with the UN FAO, CGIAR, and other publicly funded institutions. It expects to radically transform pest and disease monitoring using AI, advanced sensor technology and crowdsourcing capable of connecting the global agricultural community.

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Nuru is a mobile AI assistant that works inside a standard smartphone and is capable of accurately diagnosing cassava diseases offline, without an internet connection. Under field conditions, Nuru was, on average, twice as accurate as the extension workers she was tested against. Nuru has three components to its artificial intelligence: 1) human expert level crop disease diagnostics using computer vision; 2) above human capabilities in anomaly detection and forecasting based on ground and satellite derived data; and 3) human language comprehension and automated responses to questions posed by farmers.

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Nuru is convenient and easy to operate to detect disease in crops.

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