Forecasting regional-scale water shortages

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This project will assimilate data from disparate sources, using Microsoft Azure resources to host and deploy machine learning models, then create a dashboard that people can interact with on a server. It will provide regulators, advocacy groups, and the public with scientifically informed estimates of the impact of extreme drought events on drinking water availability.

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Recognizing that lower income and small communities often face the largest barriers to safe and reliable drinking water, Leadership Counsel is working with Pauloo at UC Davis to ensure secure water supplies by predicting and preventing well failure. The project will provide a clear visual to decision makers and stakeholders around the state who are interested groundwater sustainability, showing where groundwater levels are declining and the effect this has on the population. The tool can model how many wells are going to go dry if groundwater reaches particular levels. With that information, the government and community can come together to create lasting positive change for historically underserved groups in California’s Central Valley. Leadership Counsel hopes to prompt decision makers to be more protective of drinking water and see policy changes that keep groundwater levels up so that local wells don’t go dry.

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This work will help improve water management and ensure sustainable withdrawals and supply of freshwater to address water scarcity.

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