BasinScout Platform

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BasinScout Platform uses satellite data and machine learning to help identify the best places to improve groundwater and surface water quantity and quality, and address pressing watershed management needs.

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BasinScout Platform allows users to rapidly assess field-level agricultural management practices and their impact on water resources, as well as run possible scenarios for achieving conservation outcomes within budget constraints. • Groundwater Sustainability Planning. Design a basin-wide plan based on specific changes in agricultural management practices — such as irrigation upgrades and cover cropping — that will play a critical part in meeting regulatory goals. • Nutrient and Sediment Runoff Reductions. Create a watershed improvement program focused on field-level actions such as vegetated buffers and irrigation upgrades that translate to outcomes for surface water quality. • Water Management. Determine optimal areas to improve management practices, such as irrigation methods, to improve water use efficiency and reach water conservation outcomes.

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BasinScout Platform helps protect water resources by driving agricultural management improvements.

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