Inventory Management with Machine Learning – 3 Use Cases in Industry

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In a global market that makes room for more competitors by the day, some companies are turning to AI and machine learning to try to gain an edge. Supply chain and inventory management is a domain that has missed some of the media limelight, but one where industry leaders have been hard at work developing new AI and machine learning technologies over the past decade.

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Many well-known companies are now use machine learning to optimize business processes in ways that might have been deemed science fiction 30 years ago.We’ve highlighted three applications of inventory management with machine learning technology, providing a tip-of-the-iceberg view of what’s possible.The new frontier of supply chain and inventory management allows companies to leverage an abundance of data in new ways—preventing costly facility malfunctions, exceeding customer expectations in product demand and service, and increasing ROI over the long term. 1.Robots – Seeing to Customer Satisfaction. 2.IoT – Prevention First 3.Predictive Analytics – Weathering Demand

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