Online Education Will Become Mainstream -- Meet the World's First AI Tutor

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On August 24th, the global online education "unicorn" enterprise iTutorGroup celebrated its 20th anniversary in Taipei. Founder and CEO Dr. Eric Yang laid out the company's blueprint for strategic development as he talked about AI and education with the world's first robot citizen Sophia. iTutorGroup 'hired' Sophia as the first-ever AI tutor and invited her to explore the new era of online educa


Published in 2018
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The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and education has become a future trend. Dr. Yang maintained that AI in education could only mean personalized leaning. At the macro level, intelligent algorithms are used to create a customized learning path for each student with dynamic adjustment; at the micro level, to communicate and interact with students in the most personalized way possible, classroom data is collected and analyzed in real time through expression recognition, speech recognition and other techniques, and the data is then fed back to the system and teachers.

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