Precisely identifying and counting the fish: how AI protect core species in Qinghai Lake

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Cloudwalk use AI technique to identify the species and quantity of fish in Qinghai lake. It is very important for the protection of Gymnocypris przewalskii, which is a valuble and unique resource in the lake.


Published in 2020
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According to the information on webpage"On the Qinghai Plateau with an average altitude of 3300 meters, people often say that there are two treasures in Qinghai Lake, one is Huangyu (scientific name: Qinghai Lake naked carp) and the other is bird. Among them, naked carp is the core species in the "water bird fish" ecological chain of Qinghai Lake. At the turn of spring and summer from May to August every year, gymnocyprinus carpio migrates from Qinghai Lake to Danshui River, spawns in fresh water, and then returns to saline lake, which provides abundant food for birds living and breeding in Qinghai Lake. Brown headed gulls fly off the surface of Qinghai Lake after catching yellow croaker But the migration of naked carp is a life journey full of difficulties and obstacles. Gymnocyprinus carpio needs to overcome many difficulties during the spawning period and go upstream to find a suitable spawning ground. The farther the swim, the longer the eggs hatch and the fry grow, the higher the survival rate of the young fish. On the way of migration, gymnocyprinus przewalskii has to go through many difficulties, such as blocking dams, stranding small tributaries, and bird predation. In order to better protect the species diversity of Qinghai Lake, surging news on December 16( )It was learned that Yuncong technology, together with the Academy of hydraulic Sciences of the Ministry of water resources of the people's Republic of China and the Qinghai Lake naked carp rescue center, uses AI technology based on independent research and development to detect the breeding quantity and ecological distribution of Qinghai Lake naked carp (Huangyu) with multimodal perception and intelligent analysis of complex natural environment, so as to provide reference for the future development Gymnocyprinus przewalskii resources in Qinghai Lake provide scientific data support and jointly protect the ecological future. Complex "know" fish, intelligent perception and tracking Gymnocyprinus przewalskii spawned backward and crossed the rapids The main inflow river of Qinghai Lake is Quanji river. The stepped river is a special dam for Huangyu migration. The stepped migration channel is convenient for naked carp to trace back. At the same time, it is difficult to supervise the "fish identification". Yuncong uses AI technology to accurately monitor the fish body. In the complex and changeable water flow environment with light reflection, it can capture the river scenery image through the middle and high altitude camera, identify the biological attribute characteristics through the intelligent data analysis of video stream, track the historical movement track of wild naked carp, and realize all-round development Monitoring and protection of naked carp. Scientific "counting" fish to help scientific research and analysis At present, "proliferation and release" is an important way to rapidly supplement the number of biological population, stabilize the population structure of species and increase the diversity of aquatic organisms. Since 2002, Qinghai Lake naked carp rescue center has been carrying out artificial proliferation and release. AI recognition of naked carp In order to meet the needs of scientific detection, cloud computing uses front-end intelligent sensing technology for fine positioning of fish body. Combined with tracking, polygon ROI and other technologies, it can count the number of fish in one or more regular or irregular areas at any time point or period, and return the coordinate position and moving direction of each fish, It can effectively help scientific research to explore the breeding quantity and ecological distribution of gymnocyprinus carpio. In the future, Yuncong technology said that it will continue to expand ecological cooperation based on this "naked carp protection" as the starting point. Based on the intelligent endangered species protection scheme, it will integrate AI with the monitoring, research and protection of endangered species to create, maintain species diversity and protect this plateau pure land."

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