Autonomous navigation of stratospheric balloons using reinforcement learning

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Researches have demonstrated that stratospheric balloons guided by AI can "pursue a long-term strategy for positioning themselves about a location on the Equator even when precise knowledge of buffeting winds is not known," which would "open up a range of commercial and scientific applications for probing Earth’s atmosphere and that of other planets."


Canada    United States            
Published in 2020
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The goal of an autonomous machine is to achieve an objective by making decisions while negotiating a dynamic environment. Given complete knowledge of a system’s current state, artificial intelligence and machine learning can excel at this, and even outperform humans at certain tasks. But real-world deployment of automated machines is hampered by environments that can be noisy and chaotic, and which are not adequately observed. The difficulty of devising long-term strategies from incomplete data can also hinder the operation of independent AI agents in real-world challenges. Fixed-volume balloons, known as super-pressure balloons, are often used to carry out unmanned experiments in the upper atmosphere. Station-keeping is the act of maintaining the position of such a balloon within a certain horizontal distance of a ground location (the station). This involves changing the balloon’s height to move it between regions in which winds blow in different directions — when the balloon is driven away from its station by winds at one height, it moves to a different height where the winds can blow it back again.

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Applications as such would allow "long-term environmental monitoring of air quality over cities, of carbon fluxes from heat-stressed forests and of regions of thawing permafrost" as well as "monitoring of animal migration routes and illicit trafficking of goods and people across borders."

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