Legaltech Seed: a non-profit association to study, learn and develop content and projects related to law and technology and their impact on society.

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Legaltech Seed is a Non-profit Association focused on Law and Technology, articulating the interdisciplinary participation of students, teachers and professionals in the analysis, debate and production of knowledge related to the unequal distribution in access, use and knowledge of Technologies that impacts and challenges us as citizens and professionals of law.

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We work collaboratively with members from different parts of Argentina and other countries such as México, Chile and with an association from Spain in the organization, development and implementation of projects and research as well as professional training workshops, among other activities related to technology such as application of AI in different areas, data protection, Blockchain and Fintech, etc. We offer the possibility of becoming an active part of the reality and the processes that govern the Digital Age that we are going through. Arising from the academic field, Legaltech Seed is proposed as a tool and instrument of transformation by and for society in the training of future professionals and in the approach and connection with references, personalities and entities linked to Law and New Technologies. We are organized in three different but vinculated areas: communication, projects, and investigation, and we have a group of specialized professionals who review each of our members’ written production before we publish it. We are interested in reaching our main goal which is to reduce the digital divide, both real and related to information that exists in our society. Reference:

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Legaltech Seed is contributing in achieving the sustainable development goals because they work towards achieving a simpler and more equal access to the knowledge of rights, on all digital rights and those derived from the fourth industrial revolution.

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