AI for culture heritage-Mont-Saint-Michel: The historic 3D model comes to life

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Artificial intelligence techniques have been utilized to reconstruct the historic 3D map of the famed Mont-Saint-Michel —a 17th century icon of French.


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"According to the project website, ""to create the HoloLens experience, Microsoft partnered with innovative French technology companies. Iconem, which specializes in digitizing cultural heritage sites in 3D, recreated the Mont-Saint-Michel model and site using a process where artificial intelligence process hundreds of thousands of photos—taken by drones and cameras on the ground—to render models that are so precise, they look fully photo-realistic. HoloForge Interactive then used these 3D renderings to build the mixed reality experience that takes viewers back in time. "" "

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The project is beneficial for the preservation of historical-cultural heritage and construction remains.

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