Hujiang makes use of AI technologies to improve learners' learning efficiency.

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Hujiang proposed AI technologies based systems to enhance learners' learning efficiency.

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Hujiang is a leading educational technology company in China. Their product uses artificial intelligence technology, combines the interests of learners to provide different learning content, strengthen the weak knowledge points of learners. Data show that with the Uni Smart Learning System, users' academic performance improved by 39% compared to the previous period, the time is taken to improve their grades decreased by 28%, and the number of days of continuous learning increased by 40%. Their another product "Tangguo" develop a system to get feedback online via facial expressions and NLP techniques.

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They make it possible that each learner has one personalized teacher to instruct.

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Anonymous user
2022-07-12 15:26:46
there should be a personal learner for each of the students