A.I. powered precision agriculture

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Orbem.ai is as an interdisciplinary and international team from the Technical University of Munich. Their A.I. powered digital technology automatically analyzes and classifies biological samples, revolutionizing the way we produce food to meet the needs of a rising population.


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“At ORBEM, we're passionate about improving life with A.I. powered sensor technology. We envision a sustainable future, where food production is so efficient that it's possible to feed everyone - without depleting tomorrow's resources. Our top tier, multidisciplinary, and diverse team is building this future. - People We're feeding the world by introducing billions of eggs into the global food market. - Planet We're preventing the unnecessary killing of billions of 1-day-old male chicks, reducing food waste and energy consumption along the way. - Profit We're creating new revenue streams, increasing hatchery productivity and efficiency, and dramatically reducing incubation costs. ” (According to the project website:https://orbem.ai/)

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ORBEM transforms food systems towards a sustainable future. They can have an impact on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

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