AI-driven credit risk scoring system to farmers

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Harvesting is building Agriculture Intelligence Engine to help financial institutions make and monitor loans to farmers in the developing world. There are 3 products in Harvesting Farmer Network: Credit Risk Solution, Farm Land Monitoring, and Land Record Monitoring.


United States                
Published in 2017
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”Our Agriculture Intelligence Engine utilises remote sensing data alongside a range of traditional and alternative data points to assess a farmer’s creditworthiness. Continuous monitoring of farmlands, capturing changes in vegetation/crop cover and providing an early warning system for repayment risk.” “We leverage our expertise in remote sensing satellites, agriculture, artificial intelligence and financial inclusion to help drive financial inclusion by providing actionable data to financial institutions.” (According to the project website:

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This research can help farmers get a loan, but there may have a risk of privacy leakage. And whether there are risks for developing countries is unknown.

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