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Jaguza helps people solve their farming problems, concerning disease, Market, Farming Methods, information sharing, Livestock Monitoring, social security and Reporting. The Livestock Farmers use drones to obtain an aerial overview of the area in which they keep their livestock. They can track and monitor their livestock remotely, identifying any issues in real time.


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”We have fully automated drone farming technology which can be a solution to minimize hunger in the world. Keeping track on livestock automatically reduces operational costs and improves productivity at the farm. Our project is a feasibility study to one of system components for automated livestock monitoring system. We use drone and artificial intelligence to keep an eye on the livestock, which are in less need of manpower; instead, farmers can easily keep track of their animals without getting into their trucks or hire labor.” (According to the project website:https://jaguzafarm.com/drone-and-ai/#) Jaguza learns patterns about a cow’s movements from a wearable sensor. We use this data to develop machine learning models and Tensor Flow algorithm, and ultimately, Jaguza can detect activities from eating, drinking, resting, fertility, temperature and more. It’s not just tracking this information, though. We use Jaguza system to predict problems earlier, detecting cases like lameness or digestive disorders hence provide recommendations to farmers on how to keep their cows healthy and improve efficiency of their farms. Using these insights, we’re already seeing a 35 percent increase in livestock production on our customers’ farms. (According to the project website:https://jaguzafarm.com/)

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According to FAO, global demand is projected to increase by 70 percent to feed a population estimated to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. Livestock is also essential. This App can not only monitor livestock but also predict problems.

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