Transforming the way food is grown with Data and AI

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Prospera’s technology collects, digitizes & analyzes vast amounts of data to help growers control & optimize their production and growing systems. Prospera’s system provides growers easy-to- use digital tools to achieve better yields, healthier crops, and higher profits.


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”A machine learning powerhouse Optimizing agriculture with data is extraordinarily complex. The number of relevant parameters is massive, their interactions varied and hard to predict. To meet these challenges we have assembled one of the strongest machine learning crews in the industry. We develop in-house some of the world s most advanced artificial intelligence technologies. We analyze field images with Convolutional Neural Networks to identify pests and diseases, monitor agro-technical activities and collect yield data. We use Deep Learning techniques to solve multi-dimensional planning and assignment optimization problems across massive data sets. And we extract insights from multiple data sources that are harmonized in an advanced Big Data framework.” (According to the project website:

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The research could help to ensure food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

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