Child Growth Monitor

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This is a mobile app using augmented reality in combination with AI. By determining weight and height through a 3D scan of children, the app can instantly detect malnutrition.


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”The mobile app provides authenticated users an interface to scan children in 3D with consent of the parents and upload all collected data to the secure backend. We guide the user to scan the child in a way that a quick, accurate measurement can be taken. This will involves data of the camera and child pose, point clouds and RGB video. Because of the limitations of mobile connectivity in rural areas and in slums with tin roofs offline first is a major goal of the project. While the app already works fine in offline environments, results from the scans are currently produced in the cloud. Providing predictions directly on the device is the next big step we are taking, as it would also improve privacy by not having to upload every scan. Before any data is accessed or added our trained team explains to parents in simple terms that - the data belongs to the children and parents, - they give us the rights to store and process the data for a limited time - this right can be revoked any time and the data deleted - we are using the data only for the achieving the UN goal of Zero Hunger by 2030” (According to the project website:

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Parents often don't know whether their children are malnourished and maybe take measures too late. Sometimes taking children for a physical condition is time-consuming and expensive. The app makes the measurement process much faster and as accurate as possible, not only monitor the child's health but also achieve the UN goal of Zero Hunger.

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