Garbage sorting automation

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Garbage sorting automation is one of the Baidu Star Plan projects. The garbage classification automatic scheme created by Baidu flying paddle ability and model was trained by using the object detection and image segmentation model of flying paddle.


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After the project was applied to accurately output the type of plastic bottle and the position of the center of the plastic bottle according to the color, the sorting efficiency increased from 93% to 97%, saving the factory 300,000 to 500,000 yuan. Baidu Star Plan will build an open platform for developers, creators, and partners to promote the application of important technologies such as artificial intelligence in social responsibility. In addition to the open sharing of technical capabilities, Baidu will also provide traffic, resources, funding, and other support. Behind these new public welfare projects, it is the "Internet +" model that has brought a new atmosphere to the public welfare industry. The starlight project launched by Baidu this time is Baidu's exploration of laying out public welfare with artificial intelligence technology and adding a new "power engine" to the industry.

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Nowadays, garbage sorting is running in China. But many people are not familiar with garbage sorting. Garbage sorting automation can reduce the complexity of manual classification and improve accuracy.

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