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CleanRobotics is dedicated to Creating sustainable, innovative, tech-driven solutions to persistent environmental problems. It is opening up a new program to replace all of your facilities waste stations with TrashBots for free.

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“CleanRobotics’ TrashBot sorts waste more accurately than people. Powered by AI and a cloud connected robotic system, we improve diversion with less waste and more recyclables. For many facilities, this means instant savings with a reduced landfill footprint. Educate the public and your employees on how to recycle and reduce their waste footprint. With the built in screen and content management system, tailoring messages for your organization’s sustainability goals. Paying to have workers dig through and weigh garbage is expensive, time consuming, messy and dangerous. With CleanRobotics technology, audits are only a simple click away. No more digging through dumpsters!” (According to the project website:

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TrashBot saves labor time and sorts garbage more accurately.

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