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RemixWater is one of Hitachi's products. It is an integrated system of seawater desalination and water reuse using artificial intelligence technology to develop detailed indicators. The system aims to save energy and costs by mixing seawater and wastewater.


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In the water business, Hitachi, Ltd. has supplied numerous products, systems and services to more than 40 countries in a wide range of fields, including water supply and sewage infrastructure, industrial water treatment, seawater desalination and water recycling for almost a century. Taking advantage of this experience, we will provide new technologies and solutions with a focus on IoT. Moreover, Hitachi will contribute to achieving the goals for water as set forth in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (According to the project website: “Effective measure for water shortages by combining different types of water resources.  We deliver an energy-saving, low-cost seawater desalination system by integrating sewage treatment processes.  Water recycling systems are an effective option in cities with water shortages and industrial parks.” (According to the project website:

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Technologies and expertise can ensure the continuance of water utilities. The project is useful for water purification and sewage treatment.

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