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ConserWater is a platform using satellite data and AI to help farmers reduce water wastage and predict exactly how much water farmers need to give to their crops at any time. It also includes AI-based irrigation recommendations, plant disease detection, irrigation leak detection, farm-specific weather, and so on.


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“ConserWater is the world's first artificial intelligence that can predict exactly how much water farmers need to give to their crops at any location around the world at any time. It uses NASA satellite data, weather data, topography and many other factors along with patent pending geospatial deep learning to predict irrigation water needs to the level of accuracy of soil moisture sensors. There is no ground hardware component and it is not just farm management software. Conserwater is a technology that provides farmers and irrigators with an irrigation efficiency that is on par with physical ground-based soil sensors and much better than other evapotranspiration-based irrigation scheduling, while remaining cost effective.“(According to the project website:

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By rationing water and reducing the amount of wasted water in the farm, ConserWater contributes to the SDG 6, SDG 11, and SDG 12.

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