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The RUBSEE project is a real time monitoring system using AI and computer vision to follow waste management processes in waste treatment plants. It aims to optimize the waste industry s environment and improve its economic and regulatory compliance.


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“Beyond the sorting application, our A.I. based vision technology can be used to monitor in real time the waste flow processed by waste treatment plants, to foster their operation so that better economic, environmental and regulatory performance can be achieved. This was the seed of our RUBSEE project: the development of a waste stream monitoring system based on AI for which Sadako has had the financial support of the European Union under an SME Phase 2 – Horizon2020 program. Project started on February 2017 and has successfully ended on September 2019, with two main outcomes: relevant advances in Sadako’s AI technology for waste detection and 3 pilot systems installed and running in 3 different European waste treatment plants.” (According to the project website:

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The project helps optimize the performance and operation of the waste treatment plant and facilitates the recovery of different materials.

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