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This project uses artificial intelligence to help realize and uphold child rights.


The United Nations                
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According to the project website, "in a multi-year initiative, the team will consult experts across relevant fields (ranging from psychology, to industrial design, to AI science, to technology law, etc.) through formal desk research (including a dedicated Masters course at UC Berkeley and an evidence review by Baker Mckenzie), phone interviews, workshops, etc. to fill in the gaps in evidence where it is most needed to further child rights in the context of the extremely far reaching, fast-paced, and in some cases unpredictable, development of AI technologies. We will strengthen our formal research with collected insights from children relaying their hopes, worries, and visions for how technology may impact their lives. Taken together, this work will inform sets of actionable, specific recommendations for governments, companies, and caregivers that we will stress test before striving to implement through strategic partnerships."

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The project is beneficial in protecting and realizing child rights.

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