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This project provides a fee-based website to help domestic violence survivor to file the legal paperwork for a restraining order against an abuser.

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"According to the website, ""when a domestic violence survivor files the legal paperwork for a restraining order against an abuser, the process is often complicated, emotional, and time-intensive."" ""The service's AI was trained on prior restraining order filings, so it's programmed to help the user avoid making mistakes that could lead the court to reject the paperwork, like neglecting to answer required questions. It also adapts to the user's responses. If a petitioner says that an abuser owns firearms, it leads to a clear prompt about whether they want the court to consider removing those weapons from the abuser's possession"", ""HelpSelf Legal is currently only available to users who file in the California court system, though Moini plans to expand to other states, and offer additional services to people who want to file legal paperwork regarding an eviction, guardianship, and child support."""

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This project is very helpful in protecting women against domestic violence.

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